Unlock Your Path to Consistent 10K Months

A comprehensive resource to help female business owners elevate their businesses to the next level by achieving consistent 10K+ months through a combination of mindset transformation, hi-level strategic planning, and the power of coaching.

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In This Guide We Will Cover Four Phases. Each phase will conclude with actionable steps designed to unlock the path that will get you closer to your 10k months.🎯

Phase 1

Cultivating an
Abundance Mindset

Phase 2

Crafting Your
Winning Strategy

Phase 3

The Power of Coaching

Phase 4

Bringing It All Together


πŸ”‘ Actionable insights to reframe limiting beliefs that might be hindering your progress.

🌟 Strategies for niche clarity and audience alignment to forge authentic connections.

πŸ”₯ High-impact offer creation techniques to stand out in your market.

πŸ’° Knowledge to create a resilient business with consistent 10K months.

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This guide is tailor-made for faith-driven service-based business owners who are eager to take their ventures to new heights. If you're a passionate entrepreneur offering services and aiming to achieve consistent 10K months, this guide is your personal toolkit to make it happen!


🌟 Coaches & Consultants: If you're spreading positivity as a life coach, consultant, or mentor, this guide will help you leverage your expertise and passion to drive consistent revenue.

Creatives & Freelancers: Designers, writers, marketers, and other freelancers will discover strategies to optimize their service offerings and secure a steady flow of income.

Agency Owners: If you run a marketing, design, or consulting agency, this guide will show you how to scale your services and maintain a consistent influx of high-paying clients.

Service Providers: From financial advisors to virtual assistants, any service provider can utilize these insights to elevate their business and achieve their financial goals.

Momprenuers: Mamas running businesses from home, this guide is your key to transforming your home-based hustle into a thriving venture.

Wellness Warriors: Yoga instructors, wellness coaches, and health advocates, get ready to boost your well-being and your income.

Social Media Maven: If you're a social media manager or influencer, this guide will help you monetize your online presence effectively - every single day.


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Β‘Hola! I'm Marilia.

I coach and mentor faith-driven female entrepreneurs in growing their online businesses, so they can achieve financial freedom, build a legacy, and create generational wealth while thriving in both their personal lives and businesses.

I'm a multi-passionate, faith-driven entrepreneur: a Certified Life & Business Coach, Latina, and Multicultural Marketing Strategist with over 20 years of experience. As a 6-figure earner, I am deeply passionate about helping women transform their lives through their businesses.

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